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      • Frank

        I always give my wife a spa visit for Valentines’s Day, usually out of town. This year we couldn’t travel so I decided to check out a cozy looking spot on the Millburn/ Springfield border. What a delight! A couple massage was so relaxing and dreamy that moving on was not an easy option. My wife followed with a facial, the best she ever had, and she has been around the world. A romantic lunch topped the experience leaving us almost speecless. From the courteous treatment @ the desk to the finishing touches in the salon and warm good byes, it was a truly unforgettable present for both us us. And, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get world class service right near home.

      • AllieA

        I have been getting my hair done at Details now for over a year. Everytime I go it just gets better and better. I always get a perfect haircut and the best highlights. Everyone is a professional there and they take their time to listen to all your requests. I also get facials and micros done and I can honestly tell you that there is no one better at treating skin. The atmosphere in the spa is very relaxing and homey. I felt like I needed to finally share my experience at Details because I guarentee you that you will not be disappointed.

      • M.E.S.

        I was visiting in the area and needed kill a few hours when my friends went to work. To my good luck I stopped in details for a cut.The stylest asked what I wanted I did not know ? some thing youthful .. So she did just that I got a warm winter color and a great cut. I still had time So into the spa area I went. A facial, what hands this gal had. My skin glowed like I lost 5 years.I told my friends that night how happy I was and the vert next day we ALL went back for a massage. I wish I lived there I fell in love with every one I meet in DETAILS Thanks me “north country”.

      • Melitta B

        The service was so out of this world that I was left speechless. I went to Details Salon and Spa on a girls weekend trip to NJ. Juan gave me a massage that left me speechless. Oh my God, I could not talk for at least ten minutes. All the girls wanted to know how good the massage was and I could not say anything, but shake my head. He has the softest hands and he massages you from your toes to your scalp. If I could get him to come to VA to massage about twenty willing ladies, I would. That was the best massage that I have had in my life. I have visited many spas in different cities and paid up to $200 for a massage. Juan’s massage was during spa week and only $50, but it was worth $200. If you are the type of person who loves for a man to massage you, please go see Juan because he is definitely a master of his art form.

      • Jaime M

        This was the best Salon i have yet to visit!! i was visiting from Florida and I was lucky enough to make an appointment with Mary! she was very professional and talented. She did exactly what i asked for and gave me the most relaxing time i have ever had in a salon. I would highly recommend this salon to anyone! Thanks Details!

      • Elizabeth W

        Mary has been cutting my hair for 10 years. I am always very pleased and satisfied with her work and professional approach. I appreciate her work.

      • Rhoda P

        Mary & Amy,
        There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the exquisite hairstyles you created for Shari, the bride, as well as for me, the mother of the bride, and for the other members of the bridal party. You went above and beyond in providing personal touches and outstanding service. We were all so thrilled and our guests couldn’t stop raving about how beautiful we looked. Feel free to use this testimonial. We highly recommend you!

      • Shari Pedowitz Kantor

        Dear Amy and Mary,

        My utmost thanks and appreciation for the hair styles you created for my bridal party and me, as well as your professionalism, helpfulness and kindness.

        Amy–thank you so much for making my hair look exactly the way I envisioned it. I felt like a princess because of you. My husband, Paul, loved it and our guests kept telling me how wonderful my hair looked.

        Mary–thank you for making my mom get her hair done by you. She looked more beautiful than ever, she felt very glamorous, my dad was happy and her friends ordered her to wear her hair like that from now on.

        My mother and I both wish we lived closer to Springfield so that we could always have our hair done by the both of you.

        My friends, sisters-in-law and nieces were very happy with their hairstyles. My best friend/matron of honor told me about what you did for her and how much it meant to her. Thank you for taking such good care of her–she needed it more than she realized and her (free) hairstyle made her so happy she sparkled more than usual.

        Thank you again for your stellar work and fantastic personalities.

      • Michelle Perna

        As the Director of the Child & Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Units at Trinitas Regional Medical Center, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mary, Albert
        and all their clients, who for three years have donated Christmas gifts to our patients, and thereby made their holiday! Your kindness and concern have truly helped children, who could not be home, have a special holiday. It is heartwarming to know that so many people reach out and lend a hand to others who are in need. It is a great lesson for all of us, in the true meaning of Christmas. Again, thank you all!!

      • Frank (via Spafinder)

        Details is just what you were looking for if you wanted a haven from stress in a cozy environment. Our family goes between Lauren & Albert in hair – style,class and cutting edge sophistication. Millie, esthetician to the stars in NYC @ Estee Lauder, found the perfect place for her talent & skills when she moved to Jersey. Tina’s nails are the finishing touch to beauty & beyond. In our last visit, Annette was back @ the front desk to help us facilitate our schedule. With a family that covers teens to seniors, Details is for us, and if your go for class, style and comfort, it’s for you too.

      • RonB (via Spafinder)

        My kids and I have been patrons of Details Salon for years. So nice to visit a place where service and the warmth and friendliness of the staff is always outstanding. They are almost a hour hour drive since I moved, but worth every minute of it.

      • Blanca C (via Spafinder)

        first learned of Tina from a patient of mine that had beautiful nails, when I asked her who had done her nails she gave me Tina’s card. I made an appointment and not only did she have a very warm and welcoming personality, but she made me feel so comfortable and mainly knew her craft. Fourteen years later Tina is still my manicurist and I would not change her for the world…Her equipment is cleaned and disinfected beyond words…No one wants to go to a manicurist who doesn’t take care of her equipment…Love the fact that she carries the latest colors of the season even before they make it to the stores. If you only visit Details once make it with Tina, you won’t be dissatisfied….Love my Tina..

      • Ellen J(via Spafinder)

        Have followed Tina Do to get my manicures from 1991 at various shops, one of which she owned Over the almost 20 years, I have never had any health issues with my nails and they always come out beautiful and last long. She is always pleasant, gracious and definitely skilled in her work. Sitting opposite someone for an hour every other week establishes a bond, believe it or not, and I am very grateful to have become friends with this talented and lovely woman. The rest of the staff are also professional yet enjoy each other’s company and there is always a real ‘family of professionals’ harmonious atmosphere especially now that the ever efficient Annette has returned.

      • Betsy B (via Spafinder)

        Albert, the owner, has been cutting my hair for years and I always get compliments on the cut – I was even stopped on the street in NYC by a young woman just to tell me what a great haircut I had. I always thought I was Albert’s favorite customer until I realized he treats every customer as if they are his favorite. He and his wife Mary have created a real sanctuary of a spa at Details.

      • Debra

        Albert has been doing my hair for years. I had moved and had to go to DiPasquale for a while. It was like a factory, very formal, and grossly overpriced. While Details offers a very comfortable, homey atmosphere, it is professionally managed and the services are top-notch. From hair cuts and color to waxing and massage, my family has never had a bad experience. Albert and Mary and their team make all of their clients feel special and they go out of their way to accommodate your needs. They even come in early or stay late if you have a tight schedule. Can’t say enough good things…

      • Sunnie is truly gifted! She has provided treatments for a variety of issues for me from sports related injuries, tendonitis, mild depression, to a feeling of being “out of balance”. Often she intuitively knows what areas need work without being told and addresses both body and mind to facilitate the healing process. She is sincere in her desire to help people, asks questions, and adapts her techniques to deliver the best possible relief, healing, balance, positive energy, and improvements in overall health and well-being. She masterfully combines her experience with holistic medicine with her expertise in acupressure to deliver truly profound results. Without exception, I am awed by the treatments. The effects are quick and noticeable. Sunnie has helped me get rid of pain and other baggage so I am lighter, happier and just better! I feel very fortunate to have met Sunnie and am grateful for the ways in which she has improved my quality of life!

      • Patty B.

        Sunnie is amazing! You must have a treatment with her! It is very different than having a massage; it’s more like acupressure without the pressure. Her touch is very gentle and I love that you don’t need to get undressed to have a treatment. All you have to do is lie there and let Sunnie work her magic. And it is magical! Not only does Sunnie’s work help with physical problems, it also helps with emotional stress with the added bonus of being a great support for the immune system.

        Sunnie is a wonderful practioner and healer. She is also a great teacher. She often gives tips on ways to help yourself between visits. You must have a session with Sunnie, it’s a mind, body, and spirit experience!

      • Kelly Sumba

        Sunnie is not only an amazing person, but a wonderful healer. When I was pregnant I had horrible pains in both of my hands. I’m used to massages, but this is totally different. It was the most calming experience. She is the sweetest, kindest woman and when you hear her voice, you automatically relax. It’s a soft, gentle touch and she tells you when to take deep breaths and let it out. You can almost feel the stress being pulled out of your body. I went back to her after having my son and I was “pain-free” and it was just so nice to be able to relax and know that I was doing something great for my body and immune system. Loving every minute of it was a bonus! Thanks Sunnie! XO

      • Donna

        I’ve been a client at Details for several years. I was sorry to hear that Maria had left and then today found out that she’ll be back. YEAH! I had the most amazing massage and reflexology with Juan today…he’s my new best friend! I fell asleep during the reflexology…guess I needed it. My son is getting married tomorrow (Friday) and with all of the preparations, this was my treat to myself. The customer service at Details exceeds my expectations every time I go. Thanks Juan for a great experience, see you next month!

      • Linda

        Many years ago, late one Saturday, I made a last minute decision to get a manicure. I drove past details(then on Morris Avenue), saw the lights on and went in. Not realizing just how late it was, Albert greeted me like it was 12:30 in the afternoon and was happy to ask the manicurist if she wouldn’t mind staying so I could get a manicure. That was the beginning of my relationship with Details Salon. Albert has been cutting my hair all these years and is just as welcoming as he was the first day. Last year I won free haircuts for the whole year because of a contest they run when you recommend a client to their salon. Mary is not only generous with the time she takes to help you find the exact color you are looking for, but also with her kindness and love for the work she is doing. The salon includes a spa and the service gets better and better. Can’t compete with the facials from Millie,a massage from Juan or a shampoo from Marilyn, to die for! Mary and Albert always make you feel like a part of the family.

      • Just under 2 yrs ago I was new to the Millburn/Springfield area. Knowing that I would need a good colorist and hair stylist I scanned the internet and decided to give Details a try – I liked the name. I was hooked up with Mary & Marilyn and never looked back. They are a wonderful team – as are everyone in the Salon/Spa. The family atmosphere is contagious and I always looked forward to my time at Details. Customer service is forefront in the minds of everyone associated with Details. Every stylist provides their clients with superior service and positive experiences!

      • This summer I was in town for my cousins wedding and was lucky enough to have Amanda style my hair for the occassion. I described to her what I wanted and she was able to transform my hair into the exact look I was hoping for. Whenever I am “back home” visiting I will be sure to make an appt with Amanda!

      • Sarina

        I have been going to Details to get my hair cut and colored for years so when it came time to pick a place to have my hair and make up done for my wedding I knew I who I wanted to do it!

        They made the experience a complete delight. Providing my bridesmaids and myself tea, coffee and breakfast. Our hair and make up was absolutely stunning and lasted until 11 that night! (We started at 8 am so that is very impressive).

        I am so thankful to the whole team for helping to make my day absolutely perfect.

        I would love to know how I could submit pictures from the day as everyone looked so lovely!

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